About us


Tosca farm born in 2000, when Locatelli family decided to manage their nine hectares following the organic viticulture values, with their sons help. The property fields are placed in the very first location of Val San Martino in Pontida, where the Valcalepio region begins.

The vineyards are recently realised and cultivated with varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot gris and Franconia. The farm cultivates according to the Organic Viticulture values, which is possible because of the collaborative presence of the agronomist Angelo Divittini from the Studio Agronomico SATA, and thanks to the particularly favourable soil structure and fertility.

Since 2004 the farm carries out the whole winemaking process, obtaining very characteristic and typical wines. Our job is driven by the optimisation of the quality of our products respecting the environment, instrinsic values/aspects that find a brilliant reflection in the fields organic cultivation.


Naturalness and sustainability are the values we would like to pass down using the words “Organic Viticulture”.

Our vineyards are managed with grass between the rows, and fertilisation is conducted by natural means and plant protection is arranged by organic products completely avoiding chemicals compounds.

In the cellar we limit the sulphur usage and corrective actions. Basically the modern technologies and the enologist Paolo Zadra advices help us to obtain always the best from our grapes.

How do we apply the Organic Viticulture principles?


Recently the family objectives and expectances have continuously increased, and the property has acquired five additional hectares within the Valcalepio area, and has started to cultivate them with organic values.

Since 2010, simultaneously with the winery, La Polisena re-starts its activity as agritourism built according to the eco-sustainability principles and it has gained the CasaClima certification.

La Polisena presents a very local and organic gastronomic proposals, in line with our wines.

We are looking for receiving you as guests in Tosca winery, to give you the principles and values that every day enrich and characterise our work.