Cabernet 2015 is Gold Medal

Our Cabernet 2015 wins Gold Medal at the international wine contest “Emotions from the World”.

This year “Emotions from the World” was a great success for us! The new Vite Natural Durante Cabernet 2015 won the golden medal, together with few other Italian and foreign wines.

The annual contest is open to both Cabernet-and-Merlot-blend wines and Cabernet or Merlot single-variety wines.

Our Cabernet 2015 belongs to a new series of single-variety natural wines, produced with eco-friendly processes from the ground up: steel fining and stelvin screw cap closure are our choices for a low-impact winemaking.

You can taste Vite Natural Durante Cabernet 2015 at our organic restaurant Polisena or you can buy it on our new online shop.

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