Gold Medal to Cabernet VND 2017

Gold Medal to Cabernet VND 2017: very important result for our Cabernet Vite Natural Durante at the Mondial Des Vins Extrems, international trophy that belongs to Vinofed: the association that gather the most important wine trophies of the world. The challenge is organized by Cervim (association for the promotion of mountain viticulture) and collect wines that come from particular and difficult vineyards. More specifically vineyards that are above 500 meters a.s.l., or with slopes more that 30%, or from terracing, or from little islands.

Our vineyards in Pontida experience all the first three condition (unfortunately we are not on a little island).

To carry on a “difficult” viticulture, together with the organic prescriptions, demand efforts that are much higher than standard, but it gives back superior satisfactions and wines that are unique and very personal.

This Gold Medal is a very hight result and we are really glad of it.

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