New Spumante Wines Mainardo III

Summer 2019 will be the launch stage for our new line of Spumante wine Mainardo III. Our Method Champenoise Terre del Colleoni Doc comes now in three different version characterized by different agings on lees and fermentation processes. Everyone will find its perfect organic orobic bubble!

The three version of Mainardo III  share some common features, which are: the grape, our chardonnay produced on our highest vineyars, at about 600 m a.s.l. This altitude carachterizes a lot our Mainardo III that recalls a mountain sparkling wine. The terroir is highly charachterized by the preistorical sediment called Flysh di Pontida, a mineral calcareous substratus.

This features donate us a very rich basis for a sparkling wine. These are in details the three versions:

Mainardo III Extra Brut Silver Label

Mainardo III Extra Brut is a Cuvée from two vintages that donate a plaesant balance. The wine suits very well to different moments, wether it is an aperitif but also a whole dinner. Soft, with mineral sensations that recall our soil. Nice smell of white flowers, bread and patisserie. 45 months of aging on lees.

Mainardo III Brut Etichetta Blu

Brut has great sensation of freshness and minerality. The long aging on lees (69 months) exalts these features. A full body and a persistent taste recall to the peculiarities of our soils. Color is a straw-yellow and the perlage is fine and persistent. Intense and complex the smell: agrums, bread, pina apple and green apple. The taste is fresh, sapid, and harmonious.

Mainardo III Ancestrale Etichetta Oro

Mainardo III Metodo Ancestrale is extremely soft and balanced by itself. This is a natural consequence of a fermentation in the bottled gained with the addition of its must only.  Other interesting peculiarities are a sursprising sensation of freshness and minerality  and a final taste nicely dry thanks to the dosage with zero sugar. 53 months of aging on lees.


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