Vite Natural Durante new production

Vite Natural Durante history

In 2014 some vineyards historically owned by Farina’s family, became part of our Tosca Farm fields. The enthusiast care that Dr. Dionigi and his wife Dr. Lelle, have allowed to keep this environment safe and separated from the urbanization process.

The real identity of this terroir is carried to the wines which are typically single-variety and vinified as still white and red wines, as well as sparkling wines made with Charmat method.


The Vite Natural Durante wines

Riesling Brut

With elegant perlage, sapidity and balance at the taste. It reminds fruity and mineral notes at the nose. Find out more.

Merlot rosé Brut

Unusual but convincing vinification, make this wine to have a pinkish colour, fruity and vinous notes.  Find out more.

Incrocio Manzoni

Great wine as aperitif. It is slightly aromatic and flavourful, very tasty and mineral. Find out more.

Cabernet sauvignon

Young and very pleasant wine. It’s suitable to be paired with any meal thanks to the moderate alcohol level. Find out more.

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